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Customer Evaluation Form

Client Information
Name and Surname:
What is coming to your mind when you hear about Yüksel?
1- Customer Relations
satisfied >   < dissatisfied
  5 4 3 2 1
1.1. Do you have easy access to our company any time you need ?
1.2 Can you easily contact the person you call?
1.3. Please evaluate the attitude of your contact person
1.4. Please evaluate their attitude in case of an emergency
1.5. Do we understand your business and necessities?
1.6. Is the information and document transfer made in time / correctly
2- Quality of service
satisfied >   < dissatisfied
2.1. Please evaluate our tools for high quality service : technical hardware, cleanliness, etc.
2.2. Please evaluate the attitudes and appearance of our drivers.
2.3. Is your load delivery made on time?
2.4. Do you reach the necessary documents on time / complete ?
2.5. Are your bills arranged according to the conditıons of contract?
2.6. Is it conformed to the delivery period?
2.7. Is your load delivered without any damage?
2.8. Please evaluate our foreign agencies
3. If your load isn’t delivered without any damage(if your answer in negative), please report the source of the damage?          
3.1. Damages occured caused by the sender company or loading.        
3.2. Damages occured caused during the time of transportation.        
3.3. Damages occured in the delivery of warehouse.        
3.4. Damages that occurs after warehouse.        
4. Please evaluate the attitude of the firm and the insurer in case of damage
5. Do you take logistics service from any other firm/firms? If yes, please specify.
6. Do you use forwarder in import/export? If yes, why?
7. For how long have you been working with us?
8. Please select 3 most important reasons for preferring us
Service Quality
Vehicle control system via satellite

To provide logistics
To cooperate as a business partner

9. Please specify the attributes which determine your transportation company choice (the attributes will be numbered from the most important (1) to the least important (2)). Please use the below area to write your preferences.
1- Velocity
2- Service quality
3- Price
4- Trust
5- Professionalism
6- Vehicle control system via satellite

7- Clarity
8- Flexibility
9- Accessibility
10- To provide logistics
11- To cooperate as a business partner
12- Other
10. Do you suggest us to other firms?
11. What are the other additional services that you expect from us?
12. What are the points which you don’t appreciate with us?
13. Please specify any further suggestions & expectations.